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Os canibais

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Focus & Homages / Paulo Branco

In 1988, Manoel de Oliveira makes what is possibly the most irreverent film in his career, The Cannibals, an operatic adaptation of a novel by Álvaro Carvalhal with screenplay by João Paes. Luís Miguel Cintra and Leonor Silveira (in her first collaboration with the master, and at 17) star in this wild satire, an aristocratic farce with all the necessary ingredients: a perverse viscount, an abandoned boyfriend, an innocent girl, plus (an extra) a climax Brian Yuzna would envy. FG / 
Courtesy of Cinemateca Portuguesa.

Other title/s: The Cannibals / Los caníbales
Year: 1988
Format: 35mm
Color: Color
Minutes: 90


D: Manoel de Oliveira G: Manoel de Oliveira, João Paes 
F: Mário Barroso E: Manoel de Oliveira, Sabine Franel 
DA: Luís Monteiro S: Joaquim Pinto M: João Paes 
P: Paulo Branco PE: Paulo De Sousa CP: Gemini Films, 
Filmargem, La Sept I: Luís Miguel Cintra, Leonor Silveira, 
Diogo Dória, Oliveira Lopes, Pedro T. da Silva


Cinemateca Portuguesa. Sara Moreira