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Aqui, em Lisboa: Episódios da vida da cidade

Jueves 14 a las 13:45 h Tickets sold out - Artemultiplex Belgrano Room:3
Sábado 16 a las 18:10 h Tickets sold out - Artemultiplex Belgrano Room:3
Domingo 24 a las 20:00 h Tickets sold out - Village Recoleta Room:1

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After a decade of screening films, IndieLisboa decides to produce one, and invites four filmmakers to shoot in the Portuguese capital. The result is a perfect combination of genres and styles in this eclectic city portrait through the eyes of the four directors.

Film festivals don’t just screen films; IndieLisboa, for example, has also started producing them. For its 10th anniversary, the festival invited four filmmakers Dominga Sotomayor (Chile), Marie Losier (France), Denis Côté (Canada) and Gabriel Abrantes (Portugal) to shoot in Lisbon with no strings attached. The resulting works are really surprising. In their films, each one of them presents a very different vision of the city, and the interesting thing is that they do it through totally different tones. If there’s one common denominator that emerges from this series of works is creative freedom, which is essential and remarkable considering that it’s an initiative that was born out of a celebration of cinema. VB

Other title/s: Here in Lisbon - Episodes of a City / Aquí, en Lisboa: Episodios de la vida en la ciudad
Year: 2015
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 90


D, G: Gabriel Abrantes, Denis Côté, Marie Losier, Dominga Sotomayor
F: André Santos, Diogo Costa Amarante, Jorge Quintela, Rui Xavier
E: Gabriel Abrantes, Catherine Libert, Marie Losier, Nicolas Roy, Dominga Sotomayor S: Marco Leão, Rafael Cardoso, Miguel Cabral
P: Miguel Valverde CP: IndieLisboa I: Francisca Castillo, João Canijo, Carloto Cotta, Cláudia Leal, Martinho de Jesus


Portugal Film. Gonçalo Mata 
T +351 213 466 172 

Sunday 24 - 20:00 h
Village Recoleta Room: 1

Denis Côté

He was born in Canada in 1973, and studied film at the Collège Ahuntsic in Montreal. He worked as a journalist and directed the films Drifting States (2005; Bafici ‘06), Our Private Lives (2007, Bafici ‘08), All That She Wants (2008; Bafici ‘09), Carcasses (2009, Bafici ‘10), Curling (2010; Bafici ‘11) and Besti...

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Gabriel Abrantes

He directed Palaces of Pity (2011; Bafici ‘12).

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Marie Losier

She directed several short films that were screened in the Focus Bafici held on her work in 2010.

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Dominga Sotomayor

She directed Thursday Til Sunday (Bafici ‘12) and Mar (2014; Bafici ‘15).

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