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Ukrainian Sheriffs

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Panorama / Places

Premier latinoamericana

Two local sheriffs recently appointed by the mayor of a remote Ukrainian city must deal with everyday felonies in times when the news about the war start becoming more and more noticeable through television and calls of duty.

The small rural community of Stara Zburjivka (don’t try to pronounce this at home) still appears to be living in the pre-Soviet Ukraine described –between horror and humor– in Gogol’s Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka. Some of you may think nothing really happens there, but believe us that it does. And believe us too that Ukrainian Sheriffs’ camera is right there where everything happens, just like the infamous indescribable duet of the title –aka “Tony Soprano and Chuck Norris”– and their yellow Lada adorned with an Ukranian flag. By capturing the everyday absurdity from a fair distance and with a non-negotiable humanism, Bondarchuk delivers something that is very difficult to accomplish for a documentary: to capture in intimate detail the traces that big political traumas –the kind Ukraine knows plenty of, sadly– leave on people. AM

Other title/s: Comisarios ucranianos
Year: 2015
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 85


D, F: Roman Bondarchuk G: Dar’ya Averchenko E: Kateryna Gornostai, Roman Bondarchuk, Borys Peter DA: Varvara Perekrest 
S, M: Borys Peter P: Uldis Cekulis CP: VFS Films I: Vitya Voledya


Taskovski Films. Vanja Savic
T +387 65 322 758
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Wendsday 20 - 12:15 h
Village Recoleta Room: 8

Roman Bondarchuk

He studied film, theater and television in Ukraine. Taxi Driver, his thesis film, won the award from the Russian Film Critic Guild.

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