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La ciudad de las réplicas

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Sábado 16 a las 17:40 h Tickets sold out - El Cultural San Martín Room:2
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Premier mundial

“What's the difference between the original and a copy?”, Belina Zavadisca asks herself in this film that combines a portrait of the Orellana twins and the replicas made during their time as mayors.

The city of Famaillá has an obsession with replicas that finds a sort of social and scientific correspondence: you can hardly differentiate causes from consequences in the fact that the city has an unusual amount of twins. The Orellana brothers –whom Zavadisca follows for most of this documentary– are the definitive example of this, as they toggled between them the office of city mayor for over two decades. If the connection between an original and its replica is always charged with a kind of tension –which always includes a subordination– then the question here is whether that connection can be transported to the one that exists between two physically identical people, and to what extent normal identity is possible within twin siblings. Is one of the Orellana twins the original, and the other one a double? RA

Other title/s: The City of Replicas
Year: 2016
Format: DM
Color: Color
Minutes: 67


D, G: Belina Zavadisca F: Rodrigo Fafian E: Damián Tetelbaum 
DA: Mariana Rotundo S: Freddy Uspallata M: Ramiro Mansilla Pons
P, PE: Laura Mara Tablón, Mariapaula Rithner CP: Rita Cine,
Achilata Producciones I: José Orellana, Enrique Orellana


Rita Cine. Laura Mara Tablón
 T +54 9 11 5936 5753 

Saturday 16 - 17:40 h
El Cultural San Martín Room: 2

Sunday 24 - 15:25 h
El Cultural San Martín Room: 2

Belina Zavadisca

Born in Tucumán, Argentina, in 1985, she studied film, video and television at the UTN and the FUC, and worked as screenwriter for Conicet, Paka Paka and Tecnópolis TV. She also worked as creative writer of Telefe’s Department of Ideas and Development. She co-directed the feature Tapalín, la película (Bafici &lsquo...

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