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Section: Argentine Short Films Exhibition

La canoa de Ulises El plan Cimarrón Una mujer en el bosque El inconveniente Las liebres Cualquier similitud con la realidad es pura coincidencia Las nadadoras de Villa Rosa

Brief Stories, the annual short film contest for directors organized and produced by INCAA, was first presented in August
1995. It was the first professional experience for filmmakers like Lucrecia Martel, Adrián Caetano and Daniel Burman,
among others. For the past twenty years, it has provided new directors with the means to make a film in the same conditions
that rule mainstream cinema. The short films premiere in film theaters, they are seen by critics and general audiences,
which allows directors to obtain a feedback of their work. The short films of Brief Stories have been screened at
the top international festivals, and obtained many awards that boost the presence of local cinema abroad.