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La piel marcada

Jueves 14 a las 20:15 h Tickets sold out - Village Recoleta Room:7
Viernes 15 a las 19:00 h - Casa de la Cultura Villa 21-24
Miércoles 20 a las 15:00 h Tickets sold out - Village Caballito Room:7
Martes 19 a las 19:00 h - Centro Cultural Lola Mora

Section: Panorama / People & Characters

Premier mundial

A boxer and a poet, Sergio Victor Palma was the first Argentine champion to obtain the title in the US. Now, at the age of 59, he wants to reopen a gym in Lanus where he continues to encourage young people to pursue their dreams, from a small chair by the side of the ring. 

“I can stay on the ring until I’m old and go gray, because I know how to hit and dance in order to disappear”, said once the Superman of boxing, Muhammad Ali. The first Argentine world champion to have won the title in the US, Sergio Víctor Palma, held a similar feeling for decades. The fighter from Chaco, who raised passions among people in the late ‘60s, no longer covers his hands with gloves: he now fights inside his damaged body to prevent the memories from melting away. Hernán Fernández uses close-ups to depict the serenity of this wise man –he fights like Rocky, trains the young with Mickey’s passion, and was also a poet and a musician– and tries to find an answer to the question that haunted Sergio for years: what happens after you reach the top of the world? MD

Other title/s: Scars
Year: 2016
Format: 16mm
Color: Color
Minutes: 76


D, G, P: Hernán Fernández F: Diego Gachassin E: Luciano Sosa, Hernán Fernández S: Julián Caparrós PE: Morena Fernández Quinteros, Sergio Acosta I: Sergio Víctor Palma, Matías Zavalla, 
Orieta Edith Gilberto


Hernán Fernández
T +54 9 11 6548 2598

Thursday 14 - 20:15 h
Village Recoleta Room: 7

Friday 15 - 19:00 h
Casa de la Cultura Villa 21-24

Wendsday 20 - 15:00 h
Village Caballito Room: 7

Hernán Fernández

He was born in Buenos Aires in 1985. He is an editor graduated from ENERC. He directed the medium length film El segundo oficio (2013) and the feature-length film Puerto Paticuá (2014).

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