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The People Garden

Jueves 14 a las 19:45 h Tickets sold out - Village Recoleta Room:6
Viernes 15 a las 15:05 h Tickets sold out - Village Recoleta Room:6
Domingo 17 a las 22:30 h Tickets sold out - Village Recoleta Room:6

Competition / International Official Competition

Premier mundial

A film starring the beautiful Dree Hemingway and Pamela Anderson that tells the story of Sweetpea, an actress who travels to Japan to reunite with her rocker boyfriend. At her arrival, she learns he has disappeared while shooting a music video in a mysterious Japanese forest.

When Sweetpea Jake arrives in Japan with the intention of breaking it off with her rockstar boyfriend, she finds a mystery awaiting her. Her boyfriend Jamie is missing. Last seen shooting a music video deep in a forest.

Sweetpea sets out to solve Jamie’s disappearance with the help of Mak, a cool but cagey ranger. As she unfolds the sequence of events before he went missing, Sweetpea’s suspicions of the people around her turn towards the chilling forest itself. A story of love and blindness, THE PEOPLE GARDEN is at its core a mystery that Sweetpea can only solve by facing the fiction she has told to herself. 


Other title/s: El jardín de las personas
Year: 2016
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 80


D, G: Nadia Litz F: Catherine Lutes E: Simon Ennis DA: Zosia Mackenzie S: Claudia Pinto M: Dirty Bitches P: Daniel Bekerman, Coral Aiken, Jonathan Bronfman PE: Emily Alden, David Joseph Anselmo,
Mark Gingras, Ethan Lazar, Heidi Levitt, Lon Molnar CP: Scythia Films, 
Aiken Heart Films, JoBro Productions I: Dree Hemingway, Jai West, Pamela Anderson, James Le Gros, François Arnaud


Scythia Films. Daniel Bekerman. T +1 416 897 5211

Nadia Litz

Nadia Litz first thought about being a filmmaker when she was represented as a young actress in Los Angeles at the now defunct Propaganda Films, where in the hallways she would pass filmmaking luminaries like Spike Jonze, Steven Soderbergh and David Fincher. After obtaining a degree in Cinema Studies, she was a Director’s in Residence at Norm...

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