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El dependiente

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Section: Focus & Homages / Graciela Borges

Fernández lives in a minuscule apartment, works at Don Vila’s hardware store and is waiting for the old man to die in order to inherit the business. The monotony cracks when he meets Ms. Plasini, a very young, beautiful, tremendously hermetic Graciela Borges. A human rodent, Fernández doesn’t know what to do with this locked-up princess. And Favio, who handles small-town frustration and a claustrophobic, nightmarish tone perfectly, turns this love story into a descent to the purest of horrors, that which is born from small, shameful things left unsaid. GS

Other title/s: The Dependent
Year: 1969
Format: 35mm
Color: Color
Minutes: 87


D: Leonardo Favio G: Jorge Zuhair Jury, Roberto Irigoyen
F: Aníbal Di Salvo E: Antonio Ripoll DA: Teresa Millán M: Vico Berti
P: Leopoldo Torre Nilsson I: Graciela Borges, Walter Vidarte,
Fernando Iglesias, Nora Cullen, Martín Andrade


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