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Paradise! Paradise!

Jueves 14 a las 22:30 h Tickets sold out - Village Recoleta Room:3
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Domingo 17 a las 16:15 h Tickets sold out - Artemultiplex Belgrano Room:3

Competition / International Official Competition

Premier internacional

In 1991, Kurdwin and his parents were forced to flee from Iraq. Years later, his sick father decides to visit relatives in the city of Dohuk in order to buy a property there. His daughter comes along, carrying a camera, while they visit real estate agents and soldiers in a war zone. 

Kurdwin Ayub captures the intimacy of a trip she made with her father. Family visits alternate with real estate tours searching for an ideal apartment: her father’s will, as he’s planning to retire, is to find a place so he can finally return to that stateless territory he proudly calls “homeland”. The ghost of an endless war seems to slip through under the door, amidst child play, dances, and family meals. The touristic attractions where they pose for photos include the holes left by gravel-breaking bombs, almost like geographic accidents. As if the earth opened up on each step of the way, the tour becomes a trench image as real as the game sessions where kids play and pretend to be victims, avengers, and murderers, while the music blasts and the camera keeps recording. MA

Other title/s: Paradies! Paradies! / ¡Paraíso! ¡Paraíso!
Year: 2016
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 78


D, G, F, DA: Kurdwin Ayub E: Nooran Talebi S: Rudolf Potoschnig 
P: Rudolf Takacs, Lixi Frank PE: Lixi Frank, Rudolf Takacs 
CP: Rudolf Takacs & Rudolf Frank I: Kurdwin Ayub, Omar Ayub


sixpackfilm. Dietmar Schwarzer
T +43 1 526 0990

Sunday 17 - 16:15 h
Artemultiplex Belgrano Room: 3

Kurdwin Ayub

She was born in Iraq and was raised in Vienna. She directed around a dozen short films that were screened in the short film program Bafici ‘13 dedicated to his work.

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