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Requisitos para ser una persona normal

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Panorama / Passions

Premier latinoamericana

María doesn’t have a job or an apartment; her love life is non-existent, and she’s distanced from her family. At an interview, they ask her what kind of person she is and, after realizing she doesn’t fulfill any of the requirements needed to be considered “normal,” she decides to make a change. 

Leticia Dolera’s first feature is filled with an irresistible halo of freshness and natural charm. The actress and filmmaker uses romantic comedy molds to submerge us into a universe of pop colors and a dreamy universe that hides an incisive generational portrait of the frustrations and insecurities of a series of characters who can’t seem to find their place in the world. Dolera ironically describes the clichés around personal crisis, self-help manuals and therapies, and focuses on the feelings of fragility and disappointment suffered by all those who feel they were left out of a society that doesn’t allow any exceptions or hints of weirdness filtering through its cracks. A delicious and catchy moral fable. BM

Other title/s: Requirements to Be a Normal Person
Year: 2015
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 94


D, G: Leticia Dolera F: Marc Gómez del Moral E: David Gallart 
DA: Laia Ateca Font S: Alfredo Díaz Boersma M: Luthea Salom 
P: Oriol Maymó, Paco Plaza, Gabriel Arias Salgado PE: Oriol Maymó, Paco Plaza, Gabriel Arias Salgado CP: Corte y Confección de Películas
El estómago de la vaca Telefónica Studios
I: Leticia Dolera, Manuel Burque, Silvia Munt, Jordi Llodrá


Latido Films. Marta Hernando
T +34 915 488 877

Thursday 14 - 20:15 h
Village Recoleta Room: 2

Wendsday 20 - 14:15 h
Village Recoleta Room: 2

Leticia Dolera

She was born in Barcelona, Spain, in 1981, and studied acting in Los Angeles. She has worked as an actress in many features and television series. She directed the shorts Lo siento, te quiero (2009) and A o B (2010).

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