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Posto avançado do progresso

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Focus & Homages / Paulo Branco

Premier latinoamericana

Two Portuguese officers arrive to a remote ivory trade post in Congo, where they must get the business flowing again after the death of the former station chief. But the hired workers do very little to find new reserves. 

The striking cinematography in An Outpost of Progress –based on perfect blurs, chiaroscuros, textures of all kinds, fish-eye angles and so on– distorts the perception of fiction with only one purpose: to mark the differences between the white man and the barbarian through visual and sound resources. Differences that, of course, ridicule the Portuguese imperialists to the point of caricature, but do not turn them into merciless dehumanized subjects. Vieira da Silva demystifies the epic of colonialism by populating it with idlers, drunks or sick people incapable of appreciating the natural, indigenous beauty that surrounds them. As the leopard man lurking the Portuguese would say: “hunting stories always glorify the hunter.” CM

Other title/s: An Outpost of Progress / Puesto avanzado del progreso
Year: 2016
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 121


D, G: Hugo Vieira da Silva F: Fernando Lockett E: Paulo Mil Homens DA: Isabel Branco S: Pierre Tucat P: Paulo Branco CP: Alfama Films, Leopardo Filmes, República Filmes I: Nuno Lopes, Ivo Alexandre,
David Caracol, Inês Helena, António Mpinda


Alfama Films. Andrea Dos Santos
 T +33 786 559 223