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El francesito. Un documental (im)posible sobre Enrique Pichón-Riviere

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Panorama / People & Characters

Premier mundial

Más de una encuesta afirma que Argentina es uno de los países con más psicoanalistas en el mundo. En este documental, Kohan investiga como si fuera Sherlock Holmes de qué manera la obra de Enrique Pichon-Rivière provocó semejante fenómeno.

There wouldn’t be so many Woody Allen fans in Argentina if it weren’t for Enrique Pichon-Rivière. The Little Frenchman, as his friends called him, anchored the roots of psychoanalysis in order for them to grow like giant trees that offer couches instead of fruit. The psychiatrist and psychoanalyst grew up in the Chaco jungle, among the puma spots and sharp alligator teeth. His friends and relatives say that his wild childhood was the crayon that sketched his career path, the concrete with which he built his obsession for deciphering madness. Kohan interviews colleagues, relatives and admirers of Pichon-Rivière’s work in order to turn the monument into a human being. Through different anecdotes, the director knits a celluloid sweater that keeps you warm and itches at the same time. That is, in short, what psychoanalysis does. MD

Other title/s: The Little French
Year: 2016
Format: DCP
Color: B&N + Color
Minutes: 85


D, G, P, DA: Miguel Luis Kohan F: Miguel Luis Kohan, 
José María Gómez E: Rosario Cervio S: Gustavo Pomenarec, 
Diego Martínez M: Gustavo Pomenarec PE: Nicolás Batlle 
CP: K Films I: Joaquín Pichon Rivière, Alfredo Moffatt, 
Ana Quiroga, Juan José Stagnaro, Estela Baistrocchi


K Films. Miguel Luis Kohan
T +54 11 4556 0723
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Sunday 24 - 20:00 h
Village Caballito Room: 7

Miguel Luis Kohan

He was born in 1957, and studied film and TV production in Los Angeles. He’s the founder of the production company K Films, and directed Salinas grandes (2001), Café de los maestros (2009), and the series Lluvia cósmica (2015).

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