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Schneider vs. Bax

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Premier latinoamericana

A hit man gets a job that looks simple at first: he must kill a 50 year-old writer who lives away from everything in a cabin by a lake. But it won’t be so simple, and they will find themselves in an unexpected showdown. 

A very clear title. One man against another. And a handful of characters who orbit this clash. Loads of black humor with a clean flow and as clear as the day, because this is a film with a great temperamental darkness, but in plain sight, with air and water, it takes place in a town stirred by the criminal professionalism of these assassins and the comings and goings of different feelings. Van Warmerdam –nine films in twenty years– renews the credentials of his surprising, surreal universe, in which nothing is entirely what it seems, although everything –including naked bodies– is visible. Van Warmerdam’s cinema is, in its way, a cinema of continuing explosions, where comedy defines the path of his singular cinematographic project. JPF

Year: 2015
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 96


D, G, M: Alex van Warmerdam F: Tom Erisman E: Job ter Burg 
DA: Geert Paredis S: Peter Warnier P: Marc van Warmerdam 
CP: Graniet Film, CZAR I: Tom Dewispelaere, Alex van Warmerdam, Maria Kraakman, Gene Bervoets, Annet Malherbe


Fortissimo Films 
T +31 206 273 215

Alex Van Warmerdam

He was born in the Netherlands in 1952 and founded two theater companies in his country. He made his first film Abel in 1986, and directed several more, including Grimm (2003; Bafici ‘04), The Last Days of Emma Blank (2009) and Borgman (2013).

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