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Juan Meisen ha muerto

Miércoles 20 a las 22:40 h Tickets sold out - Village Recoleta Room:5
Jueves 21 a las 17:45 h Tickets sold out - Village Recoleta Room:5
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Competition / Argentine Official Competition

Premier mundial

The disappearance of Juan is an excuse to tell the story of each member of a group of friends. With a slight, everyday comedic tone, this drama tries to reflect the collective unconscious of a generation youngsters from the city of Puerto Madryn.

Set in Puerto Madryn and far from whale watches, this first feature presents a carefree generation of locals living the day-to-day, without many projects ahead of them. With a cast that combines professional and non-professional actors, the film, which stands out for the way it’s directed, tells of the different interpersonal relationships among a group of friends: their romances, jealousy, competitiveness, courtships, fights and disappointments, articulating great moments of humor –built from some memorable dialogue– with others of a sharp tone, in which a critical point of view appears to reflect on serious generational and contextual issues. Consistent with the perspective brought forward throughout its narrative, and as the title foreshadows, Juan, the young protagonist, will face a dramatic outcome. VB

Other title/s: Juan Meisen Is Dead
Year: 2016
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 80


D, G: Felipe Bergaño F: Nicolás Vallejo E: Daniela Benedetti
DA: Estefania Riosa, Victoria Luro S: Gonzalo Komel
P: Alexan Sarikamichian CP: Universidad del Cine, Magenta Films, Viento a Favor I: Benjamín Coelho, Sofía Brito, Federico Mosquera,
Luci Bogado, Pilar Firdman


Magenta Films. Juan Diego Puentes, Nicolás Vallejo
T +54 11 3666 2681

Felipe Bergaño

He was born in Buga Valle del Cauca, Colombia, in 1990. He finished his studies at the Universidad del Cine as professor in filmmaking. Juan Meisen Is Dead is his first feature as a director.

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