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Competition / International Official Competition

Premier americana

Hedi takes life as it comes. He allows his authoritarian mother to organize his wedding, and also agrees to be sent on a trip by his boss on the week of the wedding. There, she meets the activity organizer of a hotel and, for the first time, is forced to make a decision.

Featuring a superb cast and an immense performance by Majd Mastoura in the lead role, the film’s idea –as classic as it may sound– is new in Tunisian cinema: after years of being together with his girlfriend and with their marriage arranged by both families, Hedi is faced with the choice of following tradition (and law) or rather follow his own path –the one of desire. On one side, there’s Hedi’s mom, who turns out to be the great conductor of family life and is always citing his older brother as an example, since he did everything good. On the other, there is Rim, the woman Hedi falls in love with in one of his work trips –she’s the one he has chosen, and with whom he has a real relationship. Every single decision by the filmmaker here is right, and results in an extraordinary, surprising, and moving debut film. VB

Other title/s: Inhebbek Hedi
Year: 2016
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 89


D, G: Mohamed Ben Attia F: Frederic Noirhomme E: Azza Chaabouni, Ghalya Lacroix, Hafedh Laaridhi DA: Mohamed Denguezli 
S: Jean-Sebastien Garbe M: Omar Aloulou P: Dora Bouchoucha Fourati PE: Lina Chaabane Menzil, Delphine Tomson 
CP: Nomadis Images I: Majd Mastoura, Rym Ben Messaoud, 
Sabah Bouzouita, Omnia Ben Ghali, Hakim Boumessaoudi


Luxbox. Anne Sophie Trintignac T +33 742 2612

Saturday 23 - 21:45 h
Village Caballito Room: 8

Mohamed Ben Attia

He was born in Tunisia in 1976 and studied audiovisual communication in France. He directed five shorts, including Selma (2013).

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