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L'Humour à mort

Miércoles 20 a las 22:50 h Tickets sold out - Village Recoleta Room:2
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Competition / Human Rights Official Competition


Father and son pay tribute to the twelve journalists from the satiric French magazine Charlie Hebdo who died in the terrorist attack of January 2015. The film also captures the work of the editorial department while working on the first post-attack issue.

On January 7 th, 2015, two armed men entered the offices of the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo. The result: twelve members of the staff of this classic in French culture were killed, including two heavyweights of acid, frontal comic strips. Not even comic books were spared from armed idiocy. Actor Daniel Leeconte and his son Emmanuel talk about the magazine, about its previous history with attacks, and even about that day, interviewing the survivor Coco, who narrates how she was forced to open the door, knowing what that meant. But I Am Charlie goes beyond mere interviews: in its most ferocious moments, it uses archive material from the offices, aims directly at the heart of “Maybe they went too far with their jokes?” and, while the wound is still open, understands the stupidity of that question. JMD

Other title/s: I Am Charlie / El humor hasta la muerte
Year: 2015
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 99


D, G: Daniel Leconte, Emmanuel Leconte F: Pierre Isnardon, 
Damien Girault, Edouard Kruch E: Grégoire Chevalier-Naud 
S: Matthieu Tibi P: Daniel Leconte PE: Raphael Cohen 
CP: Film en Stock I: Elisabeth Badinter, Antonio Fischetti, 
François Hollande, Richard Malka, Eric Portheault


Pyramide International. Ilaria Gomarasca
T +33 1 4296 0220

Saturday 23 - 15:20 h
Artemultiplex Belgrano Room: 1

Daniel Leconte

He was born in Algiers in 1949, and became a French citizen. He worked as a journalist for Le Monde Diplomatique, Libération and Politique Hebdo.

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Emmanuel Leconte

He was born in Paris, France, in 1982. Daniel Leconte’s son, he has worked as an actor series such as The Tudors as well as films.

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