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Section: Panorama / Passions

Hugo, once a professional soccer player, now survives as a cab driver. He is now older and has a few extra pounds, but his life changes course when he meets Silvia and her son Julián. After so long, this could be his chance of making it.

Entertainment, empty fanaticism, or a vehicle for national chaos: that is how many people perceive soccer, ignoring its power as a metaphor for every Argentine virtue and vice. Hugo is a typical Buenos Aires cab driver, or maybe not so typical since he doesn’t say much. Buenos Aires has alienated him and there are very few things he truly enjoys. One of them is, of course, soccer; particularly, the San Lorenzo de Almagro team, which is his religion, his creed, and his reason to live. The beautiful thing about this character is that he’s someone whose emotions run deep inside, a soccer basin who wants to paint everything around him in the red and blue colors of his passion. For Hugo, soccer expresses his aspirations of social rise, love, and building a family. And it’s in that point where Easy Ball captures that naive and tender wish for every suffering to be solved by a fancy dribble and a goal. GS (30 th Festival de Mar del Plata Catalogue)

Other title/s: Easy Ball
Year: 2015
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 86


D: Juan Fernández Gebauer, Nicolás Suárez G: Nicolás Suárez 
F: Pablo Parra E: Alejandro Carrillo Penovi DA: Ignacio Luppi 
S: Gaspar Scheuer M: Fernando Martino, Matías Schiselman, 
Emiliano Benjamín P: Georgina Baisch, Juan Fernández Gebauer, Nicolás Suárez PE: Georgina Baisch CP: Murillo Cine, Vaskim Cine 
I: Carlos Portaluppi, Ana Katz, Valentín Greco, Daniel Hendler


Murillo Cine. Georgina Baisch
T +54 9 11 3385 7199

Juan Fernández Gebauer / Nicolás Suárez

Graduates from ENERC, they worked in many shorts shown at local and international festivals.

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