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Crimen de Las Salinas

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Competition / Argentine Official Competition

Premier mundial

A 77-year-old man marries a 33-year-old woman. Three years later, she murders him with the help of her brother. Five years later, Córdoba’s Court of Law sentences them to a life in prison. The film builds up many points of view in order to achieve an new look on the case that upset a town.

According to the 2010 census, San José de las Salinas, on the north of the Córdoba province, had 662 inhabitants. That sum no longer included Ramón Cáceres, who had died at the hands of his wife and brother-in-law five years before: the only crime in that town’s history. They had gotten married in secret when Cáceres was 77 and she was 33. The case was covered by the press (mainly because of the unbelievable part played by a donkey in its solving) and was later forgotten. Fortunately, Distéfano didn’t, and made one of the most rigorous, lucid, attentive –to details of the landscape and also to what his interviewees say– Argentine documentaries in recent history. Crimen de Las Salinas transcends the news story and builds up, even though in the film it’s always daytime, the disturbing portrait of quite a few obscurities. AM

Other title/s: The Crime of Las Salinas
Year: 2016
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 63


D, G, DA, P: Lucas Distéfano F: Alejandro Tarraf E, M: Diana Cardini S: Sebastián Durán PE: Lucas Distéfano, Alejandro Tarraf, 
Alberto Balazs CP: Vientocine, El Otro Lado Films I: Bety Rodríguez, Antonio Bustos, Norma Barreto, Marcelo Rinaldi, Luis González


Vientocine. Leonardo Cauteruccio
T +54 11 4797 9132
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Sunday 24 - 13:15 h
Artemultiplex Belgrano Room: 3

Lucas Distéfano

He was born in Buenos Aires in 1965. He studied at Avellaneda’s Instituto Superior de Arte Fotográfico and attended José Martínez Suarez’s screenwriting workshop. He won many awards from the FNA and Buenos Aires’ Culture Fund. He directed the mid-length Ballena blanca and the shorts Un poco de rigor and Una mu...

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