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Romántico italiano

Domingo 17 a las 17:00 h Tickets sold out - Village Recoleta Room:10
Lunes 18 a las 14:00 h Tickets sold out - Village Recoleta Room:10
Martes 19 a las 17:45 h Tickets sold out - El Cultural San Martín Room:1

Competition / Latin American Competition


Salgado follows Camila Toker during the Mar del Plata Film Festival. While she talks on the phone, the camera captures the boardwalk and collects Mar del Plata scenes that culminate in a slow motion piece, while we hear an Italian romantic song. 

Some of the lines that run across Italian Romantic are the things we see and are whisked away, sounds, the murmurs and music of a city, the seductive walk of a woman –the beautiful Camila Toker–, the silent desire of a man filming and chasing, the local people of a beach resort and their counterpart, the tourists. Cinema within cinema, like an endless Russian doll. Shot during the last Mar del Plata Film Fest, the film’s images range from close-ups of the woman giving a ghostly interview to her love flings as she goes through the city sharing her experiences. A great compilation of the things driven by the experience of watching, making, and feeling films, either from inside or outside of it, as protagonists, directors, or spectators. MG

Other title/s: Italian Romantic
Year: 2016
Format: DM
Color: Color
Minutes: 65


D, G, F, E, DA, S, P, PE: Adriano Salgado
CP: Sociedad Mostrenca I: Camila Toker


Sociedad Mostrenca. Adriano Salgado
T +54 11 5936 3858

Sunday 17 - 17:00 h
Village Recoleta Room: 10

Monday 18 - 14:00 h
Village Recoleta Room: 10

Adriano Salgado

He was born in Buenos Aires in 1971. He studied film at the FUC and participated in over 20 feature films as a sound engineer. He debuted as director with La utilidad de un revistero (2013), which won the Best Argentine Film award at the Mar del Plata Film Festival.

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