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Section: Focus & Homages / Mirtha Legrand

“All of God’s creatures have a soul, but when Ramón Machado discovered his’, it was already too late.” It is with this ominous introduction that Tinayre submerges us into another of those noir adventures he was so fond of. The involuntary witness of a crime, a showgirl sees no other choice but to give in to the criminal’s extortion. He forces her to board with him on a trip to Rio de Janeiro. To lots of critics, this film meant Mirtha Legrand’s leap from naïve comedy to a more adult stage in her career as an actress. MK

Other title/s: Passport to Rio
Year: 1948
Format: 16mm
Color: Color
Minutes: 100


D: Daniel Tinayre G: César Tiempo, Daniel Tinayre, Luis Saslavsky
F: Antonio Merayo E: Jorge Garate, José Serra M: Guillermo Cases,
Juan Ehlert P: Luis Saslavsky, Daniel Tinayre I: Mirtha Legrand,
Arturo de Córdova, Francisco de Paula, Eduardo Cuitiño, Nathán Pinzón


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