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Competition / Argentine Official Competition

Premier mundial

Leopoldo is an 11-year-old boy who grew up surrounded by artists. During the three months of spring (the film begins on September 21st and ends on Christmas Day) the boy founds love with a young poetry classmate and experiences his first heartbreak.

Alone or as part of a group, Santiago Giralt has a special preference for actors; not only as part of his films, but also because he’s interested in acting and rehearsals as subjects. In Primavera, he goes one step beyond: there are rehearsals, but also coexistence, arguments and growths among families, couples, directors, managers, and other roles that have to do with actors and actresses; even children. But Primavera, from its very name, also promises an awakening: this film by Giralt is full of colors, humor, shouting, euphoria, romance. It isn’t easy to work with a cast that includes so many recognizable names and faces, but it’s even harder to narrate conflict after conflict without a pause, and doing so with expository clarity. Giralt conducts an enormous orchestra and achieves the exact tone he’s looking for: one strident and far from any kind of apathy. JPF

Other title/s: Spring
Year: 2016
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 86


D, G: Santiago Giralt F: Tincho Velasco E: Eliane Katz, Andrés Quaranta
DA: Marianela Fasce S: Jésica Suárez P: Diego Dubcovsky, Alex Zito, Federico Carol PE: Diego Dubcovsky, Gastón Rothschild, Federico Carol CP: BD Cine, AZ Films, Los Griegos, Sudestada Cine
I: Catarina Spinetta, Nahuel Mutti, Angelo Mutti Spinetta,
Mike Amigorena, Chino Darín


BD Cine, AZ Films, Los Griegos
T +54 11 4832 8838

Thursday 21 - 20:10 h
Village Caballito Room: 7

Santiago Giralt

He was born in Venado Tuerto in 1977. He directed three collaborative films: UPA! Una película argentina (Bafici ’07), Las hermanas L., and UPA! 2 El regreso (Bafici ’15) and six by himself: Toda la gente sola, Antes del estreno, Anagramas (Bafici ’14), Here Kitty Kitty!, Jess & James (Bafici ’16) and Primavera (B...

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