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Competition / Argentine Official Competition

Premier mundial

Cecilia, a young Korean-Argentinian woman, is making a documentary. Through her relationship with her Korean friends, she will discover how the different cultural identities determine the lives of people in their most intimate aspect: their love relationships.

There are many films piercing through Cecilia King’s first feature; there’s a film about a family (her sister, her mother, her aunt, her grandmother)… There’s also one about being an Argentinian woman of Korean descent visiting Korea. And another one about being a Korean woman who, at the same time, acts like someone from Buenos Aires. There’s family love, friendship, the small tragedies and the great ones, emancipation, heartbreak, creativity. And none of these storylines drives us to a feeling of drift; they are parts of a mosaic that is pieced together in the viewer’s head thanks to a solid, strongly emotional core: the life of the director, who, in a spontaneous and loving display of generosity, dedicates My Last Failure to (in this order) a teacher from childhood, her eternal friends and her sister. FG

Other title/s: My Last Failure
Year: 2016
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 61


D: Cecilia Kang G: Cecilia Kang, Virginia Roffo F: Diego Saguí 
E: Sebastián Agullo S: Francisco Pedemonte P: Cecilia Kang, Virginia Roffo CP: misbelovedones I: Ran Kim, Catalina Kang, Cecilia Kang


misbelovedones. Cecilia Kang
T +54 9 11 6373 9860
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Cecilia Kang

She studied film at the ENERC. She directed many short films that were part of many festivals, including Videojuegos (2014).

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