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The Land of Many Palaces

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Panorama / Architecture

Premier latinoamericana

In Ordos, China, thousands of farmers are being relocated in another city due to a government plan to modernize the region. The documentary follows a government official whose job is to convince the workers of moving to the city. 

The Chinese government is inaugurating a city. Almost like a prototype, the place is built on a strict plan that includes both all the different areas with assigned home units as well as their public routines and the ways of inhabiting them. A city is designed, and its citizens too. The plan includes the relocation of farmers living in the outskirts, who surrender their lands –with mixed levels of enthusiasm– in exchange for an apartment and a series of urban tutorials that promote quality of life for everyone. The Land of Many Places oscillates between a rigorous biographical portrait and the contemplation of a stunning artificial landscape and its attractions, which include a scale replica of a small farm, like a museum piece. MA

Other title/s: La tierra de muchos palacios
Year: 2015
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 61


D, F: Adam Smith, Ting Song E: Adam Smith S: Yanyi Tong
M: Rob Scales P, PE: Ting Song, Adam Smith, Qihan Wang
CP: Pulan Films I: Yuan Xiao-mei, Hao Shi-wen


Pulan Films. Ting Song
T +86 186 0049 9079
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Adam Smith

Born in England in 1987. He has a master in Documentary from Stanford University . He directed the short Role Play (2012) and two feature films.

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Ting Song

Born in China in 1984. He has a Master’s in Film at New York University. He made the short film The Way Home (2013), a feature film and a television documentary.

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