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Kosice hidroespacial

Sábado 16 a las 21:40 h Tickets sold out - Village Recoleta Room:8
Lunes 18 a las 20:30 h Tickets sold out - Village Caballito Room:8
Martes 19 a las 13:30 h Tickets sold out - Village Caballito Room:8

Section: Panorama / Arts

Premier mundial

Gyula Kosice is a myth of contemporary art. At 91, he’s making new works and insists on the idea of exhibiting them at Paris’ Pompidou Center.

Kosice, an essential Argentine visual artist, built his poetics with water and light as its founding elements, establishing fluidity and movement as a paradoxical affirmation towards sculpture: the firmness of form as a continent inhabited by subtle elements and eventful shifting. The author of a body of work that exceeds the plastic, Kosice has also published poetry and aesthetic theory, including the formulation of that urban utopia, pure image of the future, that is his hydrospace city. Founder of the Madí group, he was the author of its manifest and editor of the Arte Madí Universal magazine. The film brings up his intimate circle as well as the vision of colleagues and disciples, and the ecstatic gaze of a group of kids in one of the usual visits to his workshop. MA

Other title/s: Kosice Hydrospatial
Year: 2016
Format: DCP
Color: B&N + Color
Minutes: 71


D, G: Gabriel Saie F: Mariano Suárez E: Gabriel Saie, Federico Rozas
S: El Escocés M: Juan Pablo Dos Santos
P, PE: Martín Rodríguez Redondo CP: Afluencias
I: Gyula Kosice, Max Pérez Fallik, Vivian Luz, Irina Fallik, Ladislao Gyori


Afluencias. Gabriel Saie, Martín Rodríguez Redondo
 T +54 9 11 3565 4076 ~ +54 9 11 6337 4369 
E ~

Saturday 16 - 21:40 h
Village Recoleta Room: 8

Gabriel Saie

He was born in Buenos Aires in 1985. He studied image and sound design at the UBA and film and TV directing at TEBA. He was selected at Bafici’s 2009 Talent Campus for his documentary short Nuestra casa.

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