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The Hong Kong master offers a cinematic and dazzling transformation of Sylvia Chang’s hit play Design for Living in a spectacular musical film about intrigues in the corporate world. 

Only Johnnie To can make a musical about the financial crisis and corporate competitiveness in China in such a way that even if it has no outstanding songs or choreographies, we can’t take our eyes away from the screen. The explosion of colors and a very pertinent 3D invite us to a party. The elegant and lucid camera flies over the action and reveals the essence of the system, with no walls hiding it. The relationships within the company, the crossed betrayals and passions lead us to think nothing is too indifferent in the financial major leagues, which are ruled by ambition and gossip rather than intelligence. The director of Election has followed, foreseen, and criticized the recent history of his country through genre cinema. Now he appears to be saying: when recession is inevitable, relax and enjoy. FEJL 

Other title/s: Hua li shang ban zou / Oficina
Year: 2015
Format: DCP/3D
Color: Color
Minutes: 119


D: Johnnie To G: Sylvia Chang F: Cheng Siu-keung 
E: David Richardson DA: William Chang, Yau Wai-ming S: Tu Duu-shin M: Dayu Lo, Chan Fai-young P: Johnnie To, Sylvia Chang 
PE: Liu Yan-ming, Bill Kong CP: Beijing Hairin Pictures co., LTD 
I: Eason Chan, Sylvia Chang, Lang Yue-ting, Chow Yun-fat, Tang Wei


Edko Films. Olivia Leung
T +852 2528 8065

Saturday 23 - 21:00 h
Village Recoleta Room: 8

Johnnie To

He was born in Hong Kong in 1955 and began his career as a TV director. In 1966 he founded the production company Milkyway Image together with his partner Wai Ka-fai. Breaking News (2004), Election (2005), Exiled (2006), Mad Detective (2007) and Drug War (2012) are some of his internationally renowned films. 

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