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Disco Limbo

Viernes 15 a las 23:00 h Tickets sold out - Village Recoleta Room:4
Sábado 16 a las 16:30 h Tickets sold out - Village Recoleta Room:4
Lunes 18 a las 18:20 h Tickets sold out - Artemultiplex Belgrano Room:1

Competition / Avant-Garde & Genre Competition

Premier mundial

A boy falls in love with another one he sees for the first and last time at a party, but who then disappears among the crowd. He then embarks on a desperate search to reunite with his object of desire.

A young man briefly meets another young man in a party and loses sight of him after a experiencing a quick crush. The search begins, with both love and exorcism. With the help of a girlfriend who now lives far away but keeps him company in her own way, he tries to find him in parties and similar situations to that of their first encounter. But none of this is actually what it seems. Disco Limbo plants its flag on common fiction grounds and creates its own language, made of mountain settings, dubbed voices, animated topographies, tutorials, video games, deserts, karaoke, and endless parties. The result is a journey in which time and space aren’t necessary companions, and where there’s so much distance between words and pictures as it exists between the boy who is searching and the one who –we can conclude– is escaping. MA

Year: 2016
Format: DCP
Color: B&N + Color
Minutes: 70


D, E: Fredo Landaveri, Mariano Toledo G, P, PE: Fredo Landaveri, Mariano Toledo, Ivana Brozzi F: Mariano Toledo S: Begoña Cortázar, Andres Marks, Juan Caille, Ivana Brozzi M: Ivana Brozzi CP: Vaca Ninja 


Vaca Ninja. Mariano Toledo
T +54 9 11 5505 8773

Friday 15 - 23:00 h
Village Recoleta Room: 4

Saturday 16 - 16:30 h
Village Recoleta Room: 4

Fredo Landaveri / Mariano Toledo

They were born in Buenos Aires in 1987, and met while studying image and sound design at the UBA. Later, they collaborated with each other in the making of many music videos for artists like Wendy Sulca and Los Sultanes. Disco Limbo is their first feature.

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