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Section: Focus & Homages / Mirtha Legrand

A great screwball comedy by Carlos Schlieper in which Mirtha Legrand plays María Fernanda Alcántara, a rich young woman who falls in love and gets married making his husband think she’s an expert in household chores. A very-fast-paced farce with which Legrand became the undeniable queen of local comedy. Her confidence, her potency, boldness and –above all– her capability to not exaggerate gestures in a genre frequently used to emphasizing, bring to mind Katharine Hepburn’s modes in Hawks’ Bringing Up Baby. JPF

Other title/s: Brand New Wife
Year: 1950
Format: 16mm
Color: Color
Minutes: 86


D: Carlos Schlieper G: Ariel Cortazzo, Carlos Schlieper
F: Francis Boeniger E: Atilio Rinaldi, Raúl Rinaldi DA: Germen Gelpi, Mario Vanarelli M: Víctor Schlichter I: Mirtha Legrand, Ángel Magaña, Felisa Mary, Amalia Sánchez Ariño, Osvaldo Miranda


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