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La ciénaga

Domingo 17 a las 16:30 h Tickets sold out - MALBA Cine

Section: Focus & Homages / Graciela Borges

Families, houses, comfort, kids, summer, Salta, class and gender wars and various decadences. La ciénaga was the sparkling beginning of Lucrecia Martel’s cinema, intensely interested in words, in conversation. The forms of saying as a basis to spread out a multiple narrative, in which holding back plot elements prove fundamental in order to expand every sense. The film also marked a continuity and, at the same time, a reinvention of Graciela Borges’ career. She always knew how to handle words like no one else, and with this admirable film, she became part of the New Argentine Cinema. JPF

Year: 2000
Format: 35mm
Color: Color
Minutes: 102


D, G: Lucrecia Martel F: Hugo Colace DA: Graciela Oderigo 
S: Herve Guyader, Emannuel Croset M: Santiago Ricci 
P: Lita Stantic I: Graciela Borges, Mercedes Morán, 
Martín Adjemián, Daniel Valenzuela, Juan Cruz Bordeu


Filmoteca Buenos Aires