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Sábado 16 a las 23:15 h Tickets sold out - Village Recoleta Room:6
Lunes 18 a las 23:15 h Tickets sold out - Village Recoleta Room:8
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Panorama / Late Night

Premier americana

Soo-min accidentally films a woman being murdered by a group of masked men. Some time later, he wakes up and thinks it was all a nightmare, but he will find out that he’s actually trapped in an endless cycle of dreams and death.

Park Hong-min’s second film and follow up to his strange 3D road movie A Fish is called, simply, Alone. And its hero, a young documentary filmmaker who has been murder not once but two, three, and a lot more times, is really –endlessly, metaphysically– alone. What starts as a Groundhog Day with no love, nor groundhog, nor Sonny and Cher, ends up being a labyrinth-shaped nightmare. Like that alley en Seoul, a true staircase to hell from which the boy and his ghosts cannot escape. There’s an element of Lynch, but also of a completely deranged Twilight Zone episode tone in this ultra-independent and mega-clever film. Which is also formally ambitious: one of the best scenes features the main character duplicated, triplicated, and quadruplicated in a sequence shot that gets lost in jumbled neighborhood. DB

Other title/s: Hon-ja / Solo
Year: 2015
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 90


D, G, E, DA, PE: Park Hong-min F: Kim Byeong-jung 
S: Bae Yu-ri M: Oh Su-jin P: Cha Hye-jin CP: Nongbu Film 
I: Lee Ju-won, Song You-hyun


M-Line Distribution. Mathilda Lee
T +82 2796 2427

Thursday 21 - 23:00 h
Village Caballito Room: 8

Park Hong-min

He studied filmmaking in South Korea, and directed the feature-length film A Fish (2011).

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