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Microbe et Gasoil

Sábado 16 a las 17:50 h Tickets sold out - Espacio INCAA cine Gaumont
Domingo 17 a las 12:30 h Tickets sold out - Espacio INCAA cine Gaumont
Sábado 23 a las 16:00 h Tickets sold out - Village Caballito Room:7

Panorama / Careers


Two young friends embark on a trip the highway across France in a vehicle they built on their own.

Consider it an anti-Superbad. Microbe & Gasoline is a sweet, honest and rounded portrayal of male teenage friendship that favours optimism over melancholy, and while it doesn’t ignore sex, it isn’t obsessed with it.
The film is craftily shot, but there’s almost no Gondry-esque surrealism evident in the frame. The creativity that visualised disappearing memory in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and sweded films in Be Kind Rewind exists, but it’s within the characters, and that’s enough of a playful spark to make the movie a true thrill. Unlike Wes Anderson, whose airtight dioramas are wonderful in their own way, Gondry’s wily style grows from the mess of real life. Somewhere in movie paradise Microbe et Gasoil are taking a trip with Enid from Ghost World to visit Harold and Maude. JH

Other title/s: Microbe & Gasoline / Microbio y Gasolina
Year: 2015
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 105


D, G: Michel Gondry F: Laurent Brunet E: Elise Fievet
M: Jean-Claude Vannier P: Georges Bermann
I: Ange Dargent, Théophile Baquet, Diane Besnier, Audrey Tautou


The Festival Agency

Saturday 23 - 16:00 h
Village Caballito Room: 7

Michel Gondry

He was born in Versailles, France, in 1963. He started his career directing music videos for Daft Punk and The Chemical Brothers, among others. He directed many features, including Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004), The Green Hornet (2011) and Mood Indigo (2013).

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