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Section: Focus & Homages / Paulo Branco


The singular shooting of a remake of a Roger Corman classic is interrupted in Portugal because they run out of film, and the director flies to Los Angeles to find his slippery producer. An exorcism-film by Wenders, who was coming from a bad experience with Francis Ford Coppola in Hammett. The State of Things, one of the finest films from this German director, includes an unusual amount of big names in its crew list. Like Robert Kramer on the script, Samuel Fuller as an actor, Jim Jarmusch in the score, João Canijo as an assistant and, of course, our honored Paulo Branco as an associated producer. JPF

Other title/s: Der Stand der dinge / The State of Things
Year: 1982
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 121


D: Wim Wenders G: Wim Wenders, Robert Kramer, Josh Wallace 
F: Henri Alekan, Fred Murphy, Martin Schäfer E: Jon Neuburger, 
Peter Przygodda, Barbara von Weitershausen DA: Zé Branco 
M: Jim Jarmusch, Jürgen Knieper P: Chris Sievernich, Paulo Branco, Pierre Cottrell I: Isabelle Weingarten, Rebecca Pauly, Jeffrey Kime, Geoffrey Carey, Samuel Fuller


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