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Un Français

Sábado 16 a las 22:45 h Tickets sold out - Artemultiplex Belgrano Room:1
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Panorama / People & Characters


Marco is part of a group of skinheads who spend their days beating up blacks, Arabs and Jews. Until Marco decides to go on another path while those around him stay the same.

The first, sharpened and testosterone-filled half-hour of French Blood evokes Alan Clarke’s Made in Britain, one of the most uncomfortable portraits ever made about the emergence of the ultra-right wing in ‘80s Europe. However, whereas Clarke’s strategy was a blind trust in dialectic combat as a way to explain his main character, French Blood features a different thing: the film follows the main character Marco for two decades in which his life will slowly crumble, together with his relationships with everyone around him. The portrait of those twenty years will also serve as an illustration of how the institutionalization of hate is the ultimate and definitive proof of yet another collapse: the notion of a country or a continent. FG

Other title/s: French Blood / Un francés
Year: 2015
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 97


D, G: Diastème F: Philippe Guilbert E: Chantal Hymans DA: Riton Dupire-Clément S: Thomas Lefevre, Germain Boulay M: Jean-Marie Blondel P: Philippe Lioret PE: Marielle Duigou CP: Fin Août, Mars Films, France 3 Cinéma I: Alban Lenoir, Samuel Jouy, Paul Hamy, Olivier Chenille, Jeanne Rosa


Indie Sales Company. Martin Gondre 
T +33 1448302 28 E 

Saturday 23 - 18:30 h
Village Recoleta Room: 1


A French playwright, musician, actor, screenwriter and filmmaker. He directed many shorts and the feature Sunny Spells (2008).

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