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The Cremaster Cycle, created and produced by Matthew Barney (USA, 1967), is a series of five visually extravagant films made in a non-chronological way, but presented sequentially at the artist’s request, in Argentina for the first time, at Fundación Proa. The cycle’s title refers to a muscle that makes the male’s reproductive system go up and down in reaction to outside stimuli such as temperature or fear. Presented this way, the films are related to the size of the gonad gland during the embryonic process of sexual differentiation, with Cremaster 1 representing the “largest” size and Cremaster 5 representing its “smallest” state. Because the making of the cycle took more than eight years (1994-2002), other paradigms were added to this biological model, such as history, autobiography and mythology, which provided Barney with some fantastic narrative material. The result is beautiful and complex at the same time, with dense layers interconnected by symbols and images. GG

Cremaster 1-5

Sábado 16 a las 12:00 h Tickets sold out - Fundación PROA

Focus & Homages / Matthew Barney

Films: Cremaster 1 Cremaster 2 Cremaster 3 Cremaster 4 Cremaster 5