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An old champion bull goes on to its last journey from the humid pampas to its last destination: the slaughterhouse. On its trip through the planes, its thoughts remind us of the strangest stories about Argentine beef and the influence it has on us. 

Panorama / Eat & Drink
Premier mundial

It’s getting more expensive; people are not eating that much of it these days; the finest one gets exported; it’s either good or bad for your health…We all have an opinion about it, because, as one famous TV show said, Argentines are made of beef. But some are more than others, and we never get to hear them, the ones standing on the other side of the butcher’s shop counter. Until now: this documentary provides a voice –a Latin stud voice– to a champion bull on its last journey, so he can evoke stories that are both curious and revealing about the place of beef has in these pampas –or “places”: from the Rural Society to the corned beef monument and from Berisso to an employee-run meatpacking, Bullseye draws a sharp and humorous map of a true national passion. AM

Wendsday 20 - 20:20 h
Village Recoleta Room: 5 Tickets sold out

Friday 22 - 18:10 h
El Cultural San Martín Room: 2 Tickets sold out

Sunday 24 - 16:40 h
El Cultural San Martín Room: 2 Tickets sold out

Other title/s: Bullseye
Year: 2016
Format: DM
Color: Color
Minutes: 70


D, G, P: Alberto Romero F: Martín Turnes E: Juan Martín Hsu 
S: Pablo Córdoba M: Tito Romero PE: Lucía Miranda 
CP: Puente Films I: Arnaldo André


Puente Films. Alberto Romero
T +54 9 11 5829 6967
W ~

Alberto Romero

He co-wrote the documentary Pichuco (2014) and ¿Quién mató a Mariano Ferreyra? (2013).

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