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A retiring detective uses unorthodox methods in order to capture Wong Po, the leader of a criminal organization.

Panorama / Late Night

Busy director Wilson Yip applies an old-school approach to this tale of police going after the ruthless and seemingly uncatchable Po. First seen in 1994 arranging the execution of the prosecuting attorney and family of one of his victims from his jail cell, Po gets away scot-free. He’s the nemesis of copper Chan, who learns after three years of futilely trying to nab Po that he has cancer and must retire from the police force. A terrific, brawny push to revive Hong Kong hand-to-hand fighting in a police thriller, SPL is an all-star smackdown that will get fans salivating. Although the police elements are drawn with nods to early John Woo, the main event is the action delivered by legend Sammo Hung and new star Wu Jing as crime lord and henchman, respectively. RK

Friday 15 - 23:00 h
Artemultiplex Belgrano Room: 1 Tickets sold out

Sunday 24 - 19:30 h
Village Recoleta Room: 4 Tickets sold out

Other title/s: Saat po long / SPL: Zona mortal
Year: 2005
Format: DM
Color: Color
Minutes: 97


D: Wilson Yip G: Wilson Yip, Szeto Kam-Yuen, Ng Wai Lun 
F: Lam Yah Chuen E: Cheung Ka Fai DA: Kenneth Mak 
S: Kinson Tsang M: Chan Kwong-wing P: Carl Chang 
PE: Tat Chi Chan, Paco Wong CP: 1618 Action Limited, 
Greek Mithology Entertainment Company I: Donnie Yen, 
Simon Yam, Sammo Hung, Wu Jing, Liu Kai-chi


Arclight Films. Jesica Andres
T +1 310 777 8855 E W

Wilson Yip

He was born in Hong Kong in 1963. In 1998 he co-wrote and directed the cult film Bio Zombie. The White Dragon (2004) and the Ip Man trilogy (2008-2015) are some of his films. 

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