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An office worker decides to rip off the company he works for in order to enjoy the hidden money after doing time in prison. But his family’s suffering and his distrust for his brother lead him to plan an escape.


A story we’ve seen reproduced a thousand times already: a business employee wants to have a better life at any cost and he’s swamped with gambling debts, so he decides to “jump over the fence” and carry out a con that looks simple. Hardly a Criminal is probably the roundest film Fregonese shot in Argentina, and if we lived in a fair world this would be the film that made him as famous as Alfred Hitchcock, John Ford, or Billy Wilder. With a single main character played by Sebastián Chiola –who passed away the following year before his 30th birthday, which would make him our John Cazale– the visual setting and modern tone Fregonese was able to deliver almost 70 years ago will –or at least it should– leave more than one viewer open-mouthed. SC

Saturday 16 - 18:45 h
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Saturday 23 - 21:00 h
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Other title/s: Hardly a Criminal
Year: 1949
Format: 35mm
Color: Color
Minutes: 90


D: Hugo Fregonese G: Chas de Cruz, Hugo Fregonese 
F: Roque Giacovino E: Jorge Garate S: Mario Fezia M: Julián Bautista P: Juan José Guthmann I: Jorge Salcedo, Sebastián Chiola, Tito Alonso


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27 de April de 2016

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