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A briefcase with a mysterious content provides Max with eternal youth, while the old characters around him stumble with perfectly combined coincidences out of animated vignettes created by Bob Sabiston. 

Focus & Homages / Bob Byington
Premier latinoamericana

“The worst mistake you can make is to think you’re alive, when you’re really just asleep in life’s waiting room,” assures Guy Forsyth in Richard Linklater’s Waking Life. Sal (Nick Offerman), in turn, proclaims something similar in Somebody Up There Likes Me: “I think it’s funny we all sort of think we’re not gonna die.” The symmetries aren’t casual. Bob Byington recruited another Bob (Sabiston, Linklater’s collaborator) for the film’s animated interludes, with episodes that rank among the best mumblecore has given us. The film alludes to the passing of time without the need of showing consequences in the characters’ faces. And it’s impossible not to perceive the correlation between the hilarious apathy of these individuals and the very personality of a filmmaker that openly refutes the notion of a shoot as an instant of joy: “Film isn’t pleasant, it’s the defense of an idea.” MA

Thursday 14 - 14:30 h
Village Recoleta Room: 9 Tickets sold out

Friday 15 - 19:15 h
Village Recoleta Room: 9 Tickets sold out

Wendsday 20 - 20:30 h
El Cultural San Martín Room: 1 Tickets sold out

Other title/s: Le gusto a alguien de ahí arriba
Year: 2012
Format: DM
Color: Color
Minutes: 76


D, G: Bob Byington F: Sean Price Williams E: Frank V. Ross 
DA: Leila Dallal, George Dishner S: Greg Armstrong, Gopal Bidari 
M: Chris Baio P: Hans Graffunder, Nick Offerman, Marla Quintana 
PE: Stuart Bohart, Morgan Coy, Christos V. Konstantakopoulos, 
Brenda Mitchell CP: Somebody the Movie LLC I: Nick Offerman, 
Keith Poulson, Jess Weixler, Stephanie Hunt, Marshall Bell


Harmony and Me. Bob Byington
T +1 415 992 2072 E

Bob Byington Estados Unidos

He was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA in 1971. He directed several films, including RSO (2008) and Harmony and Me (2009) and 7 Chinese Brothers (2014), screened at this edition of Bafici. He currently lives in Austin, Texas.


27 de April de 2016

380 mil personas vivieron [18] bafici

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24 de April de 2016

Surprises revealed

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24 de April de 2016

A super sunday at terraza of cc recoleta

enjoy a free three-part program at cc recoleta: shorts from the “hacelo corto” fest, wallace & gromit and michael jackson.

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