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A philosophy professor finds himself interrogated by his wife, since she doesn’t trust the pedagogical approach of an educational project in which the man discusses literature with his female students. The professor’s theory will progressively turn practical, to the point it turns into an exercise on seduction. 

Panorama / Careers

The Academy of the Muses is a unique experience that questions, balances, and confronts life and experience, art and love, seduction and desire. These topics are crossed by language, that thing we’re made and remain prisoners of: words. The sensitive close-ups of those women contrast the more rational view of the man, a professor who seduces his students and makes them fall in love with him. The film builds a perfect harmony, a melody that weaves reflections by showing faces and gestures, where reality is interceded by these crystals that are occasionally rainy, or sunny. Master Guerín seduces us again, melting life and art into an unforgettable film. MG

Sunday 17 - 15:00 h
Espacio INCAA cine Gaumont Tickets sold out

Thursday 21 - 13:00 h
Village Recoleta Room: 6 Tickets sold out

Friday 22 - 13:30 h
El Cultural San Martín Room: 1 Tickets sold out

Other title/s: The Academy of the Muses
Year: 2015
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 92


D, G, E: José Luis Guerin S: Marisol Nievas P: P. C. Guerin
CP: Orfeo Films I: Raffaele Pinto, Emanuela Forgetta, Rosa Delor Muns, Mireia Iniesta


P. C. Guerin, Orfeo Films. Nuria Esquerra, Federico Delpero Bejar
T +34 608 450 760

José Luis Guerín

He was born in Barcelona in 1960, and in 1983 made his directorial debut with Los motivos de Berta. He later directed a dozen films, including En construcción (Bafici ‘02), In the City of Sylvia (2007; Bafici ‘08) and Unas fotos en la ciudad de Sylvia (2007; Bafici ‘08). He is a cinematography 
professor at the Pompeu Fabra University in that city.

27 de April de 2016

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24 de April de 2016

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