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Unreleased, homemade films in Super 8 shot by Richard Nixon’s closest aids –and Watergate conspirators– offering an intimate view of the famous case involving the president.

Panorama / People & Characters

H. R. Haldeman, John Ehrlichman and Dwight Chapin. Three young men who didn’t come from politics, but soon entered the heart of the White House under Richard Nixon’s wing. As if playing a game, these men captured that new world that fascinated them with a Super 8 camera. Our Nixon compiles these images, which had been archived for years, showing that almost adolescent fascination for power, for luxury, for the joy of being near the most powerful office in the world. But, little by little, everything starts changing: first came the pacifist protests, the youth movements, the outrage for Vietnam. And then Watergate, which ends up being the deathblow for these powerful young men whose game ends up in the worst possible way. From wonder boys to a stain in the history of the US: Our Nixon is the chronicle of such a dark journey. RB

Saturday 16 - 20:30 h
Village Recoleta Room: 10 Tickets sold out

Sunday 17 - 12:30 h
Village Recoleta Room: 10 Tickets sold out

Saturday 23 - 15:15 h
El Cultural San Martín Room: 1 Tickets sold out

Other title/s: Nuestro Nixon
Year: 2013
Format: DM
Color: B&N + Color
Minutes: 85


D: Penny Lane E: Francisco Bello S: Tom Paul 
M: Hrishikesh Hirway P: Penny Lane, Brian L. Frye
 PE: Dan Cogan CP: Dipper Films, Impact Partners, PILOT
I: H.R. Haldeman, John Ehrlichman, Dwight Chapin


Dipper Films. Penny Lane 
T +1 347 255 3416 
W ~

Penny Lane

She graduated from Vassar College in New York, USA. She’s a filmmaker, and occasional video artist, curator, and professor of film, video and new art mediums. She directed several short films, including The Abortion Diaries (2005), and directed two feature-length films.

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