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Up until 50 years ago, running was a sport only permitted to men and restricted to a few events. Morath’s documentary aims to trace throughout history the epic adventure of this phenomenon that has turned into a universal passion. 

Panorama / Passions
Premier latinoamericana

At the beginning of the film, a character goes out to a balcony that allows us to see New York’s Central Park, a sacred place for runners. He says he used to run there, that over the course of an hour he would run into five or six runners and know every one of them, because they were few. Free to Run is the story of the rise of running and its pioneers: revolutionary organizers, runners that marked a milestone, women that broke the barriers of prejudice –subjects that could make up for three separate documentaries and to which we would have to add many more. But Free to Run makes a great effort to summarize all of this, and the results are brilliant. For those who love to run, a dozen scenes could drive them to tears. Far from closing the subject, the film seems to open it, like that balcony at the opening scene. SG

Thursday 14 - 20:00 h
Terraza del CCR Tickets sold out

Saturday 16 - 15:20 h
Artemultiplex Belgrano Room: 1 Tickets sold out

Sunday 17 - 13:30 h
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Sunday 24 - 16:45 h
Village Recoleta Room: 9 Tickets sold out

Other title/s: Libre para correr
Year: 2016
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 99


D, G: Pierre Morath F, E: Thomas Queille S: Nicolas Samarine 
M: Kevin Queille, Polar P: Fabrice Estève PE: Jean-Marc Fröhle, Fabrice Estève, Marie Besson CP: Point Prod, Yuzu Productions, Eklektik Productions I: Kathrine Switzer, Noel Tamini, Fred Lebow, 
Steve Prefontaine, Franck Shorter


jour2fête. Samuel Blanc
T +33 140 229 215

Pierre Morath

He’s a historian, journalist, former journalist and documentary filmmaker born in 1970. In 2007, he founded his own production company. His documentaries have been screened and awarded in several international festivals. 

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