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During a school trip to an amusement park, Toni and her classmate Suvi discover the Heavysaurus, a group of creatures who only care about food and hard rock. 

Little Bafici / Little Bafici
Premier internacional

Nothing other than extraordinary things could result from a dark sky and the tones a sorcerer gets from a guitar plugged into a sparking amplifier. It’s something as unexpected as the sound of an eggshell breaking. Actually, there were five eggs, which waited still for 65 million years. This band’s mystical origin could only have been a film of confusions, persecutions, and bashed instruments. The heavy metal band of Finish origins (it also has an Argentine version that quickly became a stage hit) has proven that music for children can spare smiley clowns and pink-dressed princesses. Covered in leather and pins, Heavysaurs is the rock and roll face of children’s tantrums and wishes. SS

Friday 15 - 19:40 h
Village Recoleta Room: 8 Tickets sold out

Saturday 16 - 15:00 h
Terraza del CCR

Sunday 17 - 17:30 h
Village Recoleta Room: 8 Tickets sold out

Other title/s: Heavysaurs
Year: 2016
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 85


D: Pekka Karjalainen G: Veli-Pekka Hänninen, Antero Arjatsalo, 
Heikki Salo F: Konsta Sohlberg E: Kimmo Taavila P: Nina Laurio 
PE: Jukka Helle, Markus Selin CP: Solar Films Inc. I: Milo Snellman, Salli Siivonen, Taneli Mäkelä, Sam Huber, Veeti Kallio


EastWest Filmdistribution
T +43 1 524 931 034

Pekka Karjalainen Finlandia

He was born in Finland in 1961. He directed several films and also works as a sound designer. 

27 de April de 2016

380 mil personas vivieron [18] bafici

Durante 11 días y en 27 sedes, la ciudad se vistió de cine con una notable respuesta del público.

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24 de April de 2016

Surprises revealed

find here which are the surprise films that bafici programmed for today at village recoleta: there are tickets available for all screenings.

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24 de April de 2016

A super sunday at terraza of cc recoleta

enjoy a free three-part program at cc recoleta: shorts from the “hacelo corto” fest, wallace & gromit and michael jackson.

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