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Víctor Hugo Seoane

He was born in Vigo, Spain, in 1982. He majored in Audiovisual Communication and Humanities. He directed the short films Na distancia (2008), El vaivén (2019), O tempo dos nenos (2010) and Do voltar (2014).

Film: Verengo

Víctor Postiglione

Film: El plan

Virgil Widrich

He was born in Austria in 1967. At the age of 13 he shot his first films in Super 8, and later directed several short films, including Copy Shop (2001; Bafici ‘13).

Film: Back Track

Volker Sattel

He was born in 1970. He studied filmmaking and camera at the Baden Württemberg Film Academy. He currently lives and works in Berlin.

Film: La cupola

Wes Orshoski

He made his directorial debut with the documentary feature Lemmy (2010; Bafici ‘11). He currently lives in New York, where he exhibits his work as a photographer.

Film: The Damned: Don't You Wish That We Were Dead

Wilson Yip

He was born in Hong Kong in 1963. In 1998 he co-wrote and directed the cult film Bio Zombie. The White Dragon (2004) and the Ip Man trilogy (2008-2015) are some of his films. 

Film: SPL: Kill Zone

Wolfgang Lehmann

He was born in Germany in 1967. Since 1994 he has directed several short films, including Image of Myself - Act, Study N°2 (2003), Route to Cape Town (2005), Play and Birds by the Sea (both in 2008), and the feature-length film Dragonflies with Birds and Snake (2011; Bafici ‘12).

Film: Traces of Garden

Xacio Baño

He was born in Spain in 1983. He studied filmmaking at the University of Leon. He produced, wrote, and directed several short films, including Ser e voltar (2014), Anacos (2012) and Estereoscopía (2011).

Film: Eco

Xavier Seron

In 2001, and after studying law, he got into the Artes Broadcasting Institute. In 2005, Nada insoluble, his thesis film, won a number of awards and was selected for the Venice Film Festival.

Film: Je me tue à le dire

Yoshihiro Nakamura

He was born in Japan in 1970, and studied literature and art. In 1999 he debuted as a filmmaker with Local News, which was followed by over a dozen films.

Film: The Inerasable

Yue Song

He is a martial artist. He made his directorial debut with King of the Streets (2012).

Films: The Bodyguard The King of the Streets Snow Warrior

Yves Montmayeur Francia

He was born in France in 1973, and directed several documentary features, including Yakuza eiga: Une histoire secrete du cinema japonais (2008; Bafici ‘09).

Film: The 1000 Eyes of Dr. Maddin

Zac Farley Estados Unidos

He works mainly in film and photography. He studied at the Art Institute in California and the North Western University in Chicago.

Film: Like Cattle Towards Glow