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Festivales de Buenos Aires

Rama Thiaw Mauritania

She was born in Nouakchott, Mauritania, in 1978. She studied film and economy in Paris and directed the documentary Boul Fallé: The Wrestling Way (2009).

Film: The Revolution Won't Be Televised

Ramón Lluís Bande

He was born in Xixón, Spain, in 1972. He’s a writer, a filmmaker, and music video director. El fulgor (2002; Bafici ‘03), Estratexa (2003), Un retratu colectivu (2005) and Equí y n’otru tiempo (2014; Bafici ‘15) are some of his films.

Film: El nome de los árboles

Raúl Perrone

He was born in Ituzaingó, province of Buenos Aires, in 1952. Most of his vast filmography was shown at Bafici, including Tarde de verano (‘06), La Navidad de Ofelia y Galván and Canadá (‘07; Best Director Award from the Argentine Competition), 180 grados (‘09), Los actos cotidianos (‘10), P3nd3jo5 (‘13), and Ragazzi (‘15).

Film: Hierba

Reijer Zwaan Holanda

He was born in 1981, and currently works as a journalist and director for Dutch public television.

Film: Strike a Pose

Remus Mok

A Malay actor and singer. When Geek Meets Serial Killer is his first feature as a director.

Film: When Geek Meets Serial Killer

Rich Webber

Film: Purple & Brown - Whistler

Richard Starzak

Film: Shaun El cordero

Rick Alverson Estados Unidos

He was born in Spokane , Washington, United States in 1971. He directed several music videos and feature films The Builder (2010) , New Jeruzalem (2011), The Comedy (2012) and Entertainment (2015), screened at this year’s Bafici. He currently lives in Richmond, Virginia.

Films: New Jerusalem The Builder Entertainment The Comedy

Robert Bonomo

He was born in Buenos Aires in 1969, and studied social communication and advertisement at the UBA. He directed music videos by Illya Kuryaki & The Valderramas and Juana Molina, among others, and was assistant director in Martín Rejtman’s Rapado.

Film: Miss

Robert Machoian

He was born in California, USA. He directed Waiting Room (2010), By the Sea and Forty Years from Yesterday (both 2013), among others.

Film: God Bless the Child

Roberto Doveris

He works as a general editor at CinemaChile and runs Niña Niño Films, through which he directed over 30 music videos and several short films. Plants is his feature film debut. 

Film: Las plantas

Rodrigo Lima

He was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1975 and graduated as a journalist. He started his career as an editor working in Júlio Bressane film, like Cleopatra (2007) and Sentimental Education. He directed the short Para Eva (2009). The Mirror is his first feature as a director.

Film: O espelho

Rodrigo Moreno del Valle

He studied communication sciences at the San Ignacio de Loyola University. He directed five shorts. He also directs commercials.

Film: WIK

Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck

He was born in California, USA. He directed several short films and co-directed the feature Forty Years from Yesterday (2013) with Robert Machoian.

Film: God Bless the Child