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Mark Burton

Film: Shaun El cordero

Mark Sawers

He was born in Vancouver, Canada. He created several film and TV projects, including the short film Shoes Off! (1998), which won the Best Short Film award at the Critics’ Week in Cannes, and the feature-length film Camera Shy (2012).

Film: No Men Beyond This Point

Marlene Lievendag

She was born in Buenos Aires in 1966. She studied Art Direction at NYU. She has been working as an art director in film and TV for twenty years. 

Film: Manifiesto de amor

Martín Blousson

He was born in Buenos Aires in 1977, and started out as an editor and scriptwriter. He worked in the editing of Parapolicial negro, La memoria del muerto (Bafici ‘12) and Diablo, among others.

Film: El sentido Derby

Martín Farina

He was born in Buenos Aires in 1982. He majored in communication and directed Fulboy (Bafici ‘14) and El hombre de paso piedra (Bafici ‘15).

Film: Taekwondo

Martín Holzman

He was born in Buenos Aires in 1993. He graduated from ORT with an orientation in media, and later studied filmmaking at the FUC. His first short film was El sueño del pibe. 

Film: La reina del baile

Martín Rodríguez Redondo

Film: Las liebres

Martín Serra

He was born in Buenos Aires in 1972, and studied at Universidad del Cine. He directed several short films, including 23 veranos (2006) and La vida en un día (2011).

Film: El coral que trajimos de Brasil

Matteo Zoppis

He was born in Rome in 1986 and studied filmmaking in New York. Together, they directed the medium-length film Belva Nera (Jury Prize at Cinema du Reel 2014, Bafici ‘14).

Film: Il solengo

Matthias Bruhn

Nació en Alemania en 1962. Desde 1998 es el jefe ejecutivo del TrickStudio Lutterbeck GmbH.

Film: Molly Monster

Maurice Dekkers

Amsterdam-based journalist, filmmaker, and entrepreneur. After graduating from the Royal Academy of Arts, he directed the awarded series Keuringsdienstvan Waarde, which became one of the most popular shows on Dutch TV. Ants on a Shrimp is his first feature-length documentary.

Film: Ants on a Shrimp

Mauricio Sarmiento

He was born in Bogotá, Colombia, in 1987. He studied filmmaking and playwriting in Argentina. He directed the short film Tres danzas un baile.

Film: Mira cómo te olvido

Mauro Andrizzi

He was born in Mar del Plata, Argentina, in 1980. He studied screenwriting at the ENERC and founded his production company Mono Films in 2006. He directed the features Mono (2007), Iraqi Short Films (2008; Bafici ‘09), In the Future (2010; Bafici ‘13) and Glorious Accidents (2011; Bafici ‘12).

Film: Una novia de Shanghai

Mauro Movia

He was born in 1983 in Bariloche, Río Negro, and studied at Universidad del Cine. He directed the short film El puesto, which was screened in several international festivals.

Film: Helsinki

Maximiliano Schonfeld

He was born in Argentina in 1982, studied film and TV at the National University of Córdoba and then graduated at the ENERC. He made the documentaries Esnorquel(2005), Entreluces(2006; Bafici ‘07) and Invernario(2010, Bafici‘11), as well as the feature Germania (Bafici ‘12).

Film: La helada negra