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Festivales de Buenos Aires

Jessica Praznik

She was born in Buenos Aires in 1987. She studied audiovisual directing at the Universidad Nacional del Arte, and works as a fashion designer. 

Film: (La fábrica de tortas) Pastel de cereza

Joanna Lombardi

She was born in Peru, and directed the short film De noche (2009) 
and the feature-length film Casadentro (2013).

Film: Solos

João Nicolau

He was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1975. He studied anthropology and is also a director, actor, editor and musician. He directed several short films, such as Rapace (2006; Bafici ‘09), Song of Love and Health (2009), The Gift of Tears (2012), Wild Haggis (2013) and the feature-length fiction The Sword and the Rose (2010; Bafici ‘11).

Film: John From

João Paulo Cuenca

He was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1978. He wrote four novels and an anthology of short stories. His books have been translated into eight languages. The Death of J.P. Cuenca is his directorial debut. 

Film: A morte de J.P. Cuenca

João Rosas

He was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1981. He trained at the London Film School. He published three books of short stories, and directed the short films My Mother Is a Pianist (2006), Entrecampos (2013) and the documentary Birth of a City (2009).

Films: Maria do Mar Entrecampos

João Salaviza

He was born in Portugal in 1984, and studied at Universidad del Cine, in Buenos Aires. He directed many shorts, such as Arena (2009) and Rafa (2012).

Film: Montanha

Jodie Mack

She was born in London in 1983. She got a Master’s in Film, Video and New Media from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2007, and currently teaches animation at Dartmouth College. She directed many 16mm shorts that were shown at Bafici ‘15.

Film: Something Between Us

Joe Burrascano

Film: Aardman: Nathan Love!

John Dower

He directed several TV movies, including Britney’s Redneck Ruts (2005) and When Boris Met Dave (2009).

Film: My Scientology Movie

Johnnie To

He was born in Hong Kong in 1955 and began his career as a TV director. In 1966 he founded the production company Milkyway Image together with his partner Wai Ka-fai. Breaking News (2004), Election (2005), Exiled (2006), Mad Detective (2007) and Drug War (2012) are some of his internationally renowned films. 

Film: Office

Jonatan Relayze Chiang

He was born in Lima in 1981. He directed a dozen short films in 16mm and video. He worked in different departments for several Peruvian films, and as an editor for Discovery Channel.

Film: Rosa Chumbe

Jorge Leandro Colás

Born in Viedma, province of Río Negro, in 1976, he studied image and sound design at the UBA. He made the features Retiro Shelter (2008) and Gricel (2012), as well as the series Más que amor es un sufrir (2012).

Film: Los pibes

José Luis Guerín

He was born in Barcelona in 1960, and in 1983 made his directorial debut with Los motivos de Berta. He later directed a dozen films, including En construcción (Bafici ‘02), In the City of Sylvia (2007; Bafici ‘08) and Unas fotos en la ciudad de Sylvia (2007; Bafici ‘08). He is a cinematography 
professor at the Pompeu Fabra University in that city.

Film: La academia de las musas

José Luis Torres Leiva

He was born in Santiago de Chile in 1975. He directed several short films and documentaries, including Ningún lugar en ninguna parte (2004), Women Workers Leaving the Factory (2005), The Time that Rests (winner of the Cinema of the Future section of Bafici ‘07) and Three Weeks Later (Bafici ‘11). The Sky, the Earth and the Rain (Bacifi ‘08) was his first fiction film.

Film: El viento sabe que vuelvo a casa

Josefina Recio

Film: Las nadadoras de Villa Rosa