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Tamer El Said

He was born in Cairo, Egypt, in 1972, and founded the production company Zero Production in 2007. He wrote, produced and directed several short films, as well as the documentary feature Take Me (2004).

Film: In the Last Days of the City

Ted Sieger

Born in Coquimbo, Chile, in 1958. He created illustrated books and comic books. 

Film: Molly Monster

Terence Davies

He was born in Liverpool, England, in 1945. He directed the autobiographical trilogy made up by the shorts Children (1976), Madonna and Child (1980) and Death and Tranfiguration (1983), and such features as The House of Mirth (2000), Of Time and the City (2008) and The Deep Blue Sea (2011; Bafici ’12).

Film: Sunset Song

Teresa Marcos

She studied information sciences at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, film and TV production in Sussex, and completed her training at the Lighthouse Film and Video studio in Brighton. Se paga el acto (1994), Bargain Lingerie (1999), El simulador (2009) y Módulo 10 (2010) are some of her works. 

Film: En modo silencio

Ting Song

Born in China in 1984. He has a Master’s in Film at New York University. He made the short film The Way Home (2013), a feature film and a television documentary.

Film: The Land of Many Palaces

Tomi Lebrero

A bandoneon player and singer-songwriter, he wrote the score for UPA! Una película argentina (Bafici ‘07).

Film: No va llegar

Tomm Moore

A producer and director, he’s known for The Secret of Kells (Bafici ‘09) and The Prophet (2014).

Film: Song of the Sea