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S. Craig Zahler

He was born in Miami in 1973. He’s a novelist, scriptwriter, musician, filmmaker and cinematographer.

Film: Bone Tomahawk

Sandro Aguilar

He was born in Portugal in 1974. He studied film at the Upper School of Theater and Film and, in 1998, was one of the founders of the company O Som e a Fúria. In 2011, Bafici did a focus where his shorts were shown, as well as his only feature, Uprise. Later, he directed the short False Twins (Bafici ‘15).

Films: Bunker Undisclosed Recipients

Santiago Giralt

He was born in Venado Tuerto in 1977. He directed three collaborative films: UPA! Una película argentina (Bafici ’07), Las hermanas L., and UPA! 2 El regreso (Bafici ’15) and six by himself: Toda la gente sola, Antes del estreno, Anagramas (Bafici ’14), Here Kitty Kitty!, Jess & James (Bafici ’16) and Primavera (Bafici ’16).

Films: Primavera Jess & James

Santiago Lozano

He is majored in Social Communication at Universidad del Valle. He produced several films and works as professor at Universidad Autónoma de Occidente.

Film: Siembra

Sara Fishko

She’s an executive producer for the radio station WNYC, which focuses on culture. Her show Fishko Files covers a wide range of topics, such as film criticism and modern art.

Film: The Jazz Loft According to W. Eugene Smith

Sarah Grohnert

She was born in Germany, where she trained as an editor and a filmmaker at the Bournemouth Institute for the Arts in the UK. In 2010 she moved to New Zealand, where she developed several projects for film and TV. 

Film: Ever the Land

Sarah Smith

Film: Operación Regalo

Sebastián Brahm

He was born in Santiago de Chile in 1973. He acted in the films Much Better Than You (Bafici ‘13). He also wrote and produced the documentary The Volcanic Peninsula (2004) and directed the feature El circuito de Román (2011).

Film: Vida sexual de las plantas

Sebastian Pasquet

He was born in 1991 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied documentary filmmaking at UNSAM. He directed several documentary short about art and culture. He participated in several international festivals with his documentary Sobre el arroyo. He worked as a sound designer in several fiction short films.

Film: Silence

Sebastián Pérez Opack

He was born in Buenos Aires in 1978, and grew up in Río Gallegos. He studied philosophy and literature at the UBA. He currently lives in Berlin. 

Film: Adiós a las ciudades Ep 1: Carta para mis amigas

Segundo Bercetche

He directed the documentaries BA Rap (Bafici ‘14) and Jungle Boyz (Bafici ‘15). 

Film: No va llegar

Sergio Corach

He was born in December in 1978 in Buenos Aires and is an ENERC graduate. He has directed some shorts and music videos.

Film: Quizás hoy

Sergio Wolf

Born in Buenos Aires in 1963, he studied communication at the UBA. He co-directed I Don’t Know What Your Eyes Have Done to Me (Bafici ‘03) with Lorena Muñoz, the documentary trilogy  Ritos de frontera (2002) with Alejo Taube and, by himself, The Color Out of Space. He was a programmer at Bafici between 2005 and 2007, and its artistic director between 2008 and 2012.

Film: Viviré con tu recuerdo

Sheuen Mondelo Argentina

She was born in Río Gallegos in 1988, and currently lives in La Plata. She studied photography, fashion design, and visual communication design at the UNLP.

Film: Continue

Siegfried A. Fruhauf

He was born in Austria in 1976, and trained as a business manager. He studied experimental visual design at the University of Artitic and Industrial Design in Linz. He directed several plays and shows in the areas of film, video and photography. 

Film: Vintage Print