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Magnus Gertten

He was born in Sweden in 1953, and studied journalism. A co-director at the production company Auto Images, he directed several documentaries, including Rolling Like a Stone (2005) and Hoppets Hamn (2012; Bafici ‘15).

Film: Becoming Zlatan

Mahdi Fleifel

He was born in Dubai, and grew up in a Palestine refugee camp in Lebanon, and later in Denmark. He lives in Amsterdam, and he graduated from the National Film and Television School in London. He made many shorts and the feature A World Not Ours (2012; Bafici ‘13).

Film: A Man Returned

Maher Abi Samra

He was born in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1965. He studied film at La Fémis de Paris, and worked as a photographer for newspapers and news agencies. He directed many short and mid-length documentary features, including Le Syndrome du retour (1994), Femmes du Hezbollah (2000), Inhabitance of Shatila Hospital (2001), Rond-Point Chatila (2004), and We Were Communists (2010; Bafici ‘11).

Film: A Maid for Each

Malena Solarz

She was born in Buenos Aires in 1982, and directed one of the portions of A propósito de Buenos Aires (2006).

Film: El invierno llega después del otoño

Mani Haghighi

He was born in Teheran, Iran, in 1969. He studied philosophy, and works as an actor, screenwriter and filmmaker. He directed many shorts including Paziraie Zadeh (2012), and starred in Melbourne (2014).

Film: A Dragon Arrives!

Manuel Abramovich

He was born in Buenos Aires in 1987, and studied cinematography at the ENERC. He also attended Berlin’s Talent Campus and directed the shorts La reina (2013; Bafici ‘14) and Las luces (2014, Bafici ‘15).

Film: Solar

Manuel Fernández-Valdés

He was born in Pontevedra, Spain, in 1979 and studied audiovisual communication. In 2006 he got an MA in Creative Documentary at the Pompeu Fabra University, where he developed the idea for his first documentary feature: Manuel y Elisa (2008). In 2012 he directed his following documentary, Fraga y Fidel sin embargo. 

Film: Angélica [una tragedia]

Manuel Mozos

He was born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1959. He directed several fiction films, including Quando troveja (1998) and 4 copas (2008), and documentaries such as Ruinas (2009; Bafici ‘10) and João Bénard da Costa - Outros amarão as coisas que eu amei (2014; Bafici ‘15).

Films: A glória de fazer cinema em Portugal Cinzas e brasas

Marc Abraham

He started his career as an ad writer and later worked as a sports journalist for several newspapers and magazines. He wrote several scripts for some major studios and was one of the founders of Strike Entertainment, with which he produced RoboCop (2014).

Film: I Saw the Light

Marc Recha

He was born in Spain in 1970. At the age of 18 he travelled to Paris on a scholarship given by City’s Department of Culture, where he worked in his first film. Since then, he directed several short and feature-length films, including Where Is Madame Catherine? (2003), Little Indi (2009) and August Days (2006).

Film: Un dia perfecte per volar

Marcin Wrona

He was born in Tarnów, Poland, in 1973 and died in 2015. He graduated from the Jagiellonian University and the Binger Film Institute in Amsterdam. He directed My Flesh, My Blood (2009) and The Christening (2010). He died in 2015.

Film: Demon

Marco Bellocchio Italia

He was born in Italy in 1939 and studied philosophy after turning to film. His films include Devil in the Flesh (1986), My Mother’s Smile (Bafici ‘03), Good Morning, Night (Bafici ‘04), The Wedding Director (Bafici ‘07) and Vincere (2009; Bafici ‘10).

Films: Sangue del mio sangue Con los puños en los bolsillos

Marco Berger

He was born in Argentina in 1977. He directed the features Plan B (Bafici ‘09), Absent (Bafici ‘11), Hawaii (Bafici ‘13) and Butterfly (2015).

Film: Taekwondo

Margaret Tait Reino Unido

She was born in Kirkwall, UK, in 1918 and died in 1999. She studied medicine at Edinburgh University, and then moved to Rome where she studied film at the Experimental Cinematography Center. She directed the film Blue Black Permanent screened along with several of her shorts at this Bafici’s Focus on her work. She also founded the production company Ancona Films and published three books of poems.

Films: Blue Black Permanent Three Portrait Sketches The Leaden Echo and the Golden Echo A Portrait of Ga On the Mountain Hugh McDiarmaid, a Portrait Where I Am Is Here A Place of Work Tailpiece Colour Poems Aerial Garden Pieces Land Makar

María Aparicio

She was born in Córdoba, Argentina, in 1992, and studied film and television at the Cordoba National University. In 2011, she joined the production company Vientosur Cine, based in the city of Córdoba.

Film: Las calles