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Ignacio Masllorens

He was born in Buenos Aires in 1973, and studied image and sound design at the UBA. He directed Hábitat (2013) and Martín Blaszko III (2011).

Film: El teorema de Santiago

Ignacio Verguilla

He was born in Buenos Aires in 1975, and majored in filmmaking at Cievyc. He studied literature and photography, and works as a teacher in Andamio 90.

Film: Deportivo Español

Ila Bêka

He was born in Italy and studied architecture. In 2005, he founded, along with Louise Lemoine, the platform Bêka&Partners.

Films: Barbicania Voyage autour de la lune

Inés Villanueva

She was born in Buenos Aires in 1993. She studied filmmaking at Universidad del Cine. She directed the short films Joaquina siempre (2012), Así somos sin Serena (Bafici ‘14) and El rastro.

Film: Perfume para cuatro

Ira Sachs Estados Unidos

He was born in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1965. He studied literature and film theory at the University of Yale and moved to New York after graduating. He directed several films, including The Delta (1997), Forty Shades of Blue (2004; Bafici ‘12), and Keep the Lights On (2012).

Film: Little Men