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Hao Zhou

He was born in China, and directed six documentary features, including The Transition Period (2010) and The Night (2014).

Film: The Chinese Mayor

Heinz Emigholz

He was born in Germany in 1948. He trained as a drawing artist before studying philosophy and literature in Hamburg. He began his film career in 1968, and directed several short and feature-length documentaries, such as Loos Ornamental (2009) and Perret in Frankreich und Algerien (2012).

Film: Le Corbusier [|||||] Asger Jorn [Relief]

Helena Trestíková

She was born in 1949 in Prague, in the former Czechoslovakia. She graduated from the Documentary Film Department at the local FAMU. She served as Ministry of Culture in her country and directed several documentaries, including René (1993), Carmen Story (1999), My Lucky Star (2004) and Marcela (2007) all of them screened in the Focus held by Bafici in 2009. 

Film: Mallory

Hernán Fernández

He was born in Buenos Aires in 1985. He is an editor graduated from ENERC. He directed the medium length film El segundo oficio (2013) and the feature-length film Puerto Paticuá (2014).

Film: La piel marcada

Hiromasa Yonebayashi

He was born in Ishikawa, Japan, in 1973. He studied commercial design at the Kanazawa Art School. We worked in the animation departments of Studio Ghibli, where he worked in films like Princess Mononoke (1997) and Spirited Away (2001). He made his debut as a filmmaker with The Secret World of Arrietty (2010; Bafici ‘12).

Film: When Marnie Was There

Homer Etminani

He was born in Tehran, Iran, in 1974, and currently lives in Colombia. A graduate in Philosophy and Literature from the University of Barcelona who majored at the Catalonia Cinema Studies Center (CECC), he directed Nation (2011).

Film: Inmortal

Hong Sang-soo

He was born in Seoul, South Korea, in 1960, and studied film at the University of Chung-Ang. He directed several films, including Turning Gate (2002), Tale of Cinema (2005), Woman on the Beach (2006), Night and Day (2008), Hahaha (2009) and Oki’s Movie (2010), all of them screened in the retrospective of his work held by Bafici ‘13.

Film: Right Now, Wrong Then

Huang Ya-li

He was born in Taiwan, and made his debut as a filmmaker in 2009 with his short The Pursuit of What Was.

Film: Le Moulin